Groups and Gatherings Guided Meditation & Red Tent

Monthly Meets at Life Spaces

The Red Tent Gathering 

Each month on the closest Sunday to the Full Moon, we hold our Red Tent Gathering. 

A sacred space for women to take some time for themselves and just ‘be’, surrounded by the open support of other women. 

This women‘s circle honours the cycles of womanhood and is open to any woman of child bearing age. In order to preserve the quiet space, it’s reserved for women only, though breastfed babies in arms are welcomed. 

Full moon moon phases

New Moon Meditation Group

Set your intentions in our New Moon Meditation Group

Join us for our monthly New Moon Meditation Group. 

Held on the Sunday closest to each New Moon, this intimate gathering is an opportunity to set your intentions for the coming phase and join with a guided meditation. 

This is a small group session, and pre-booking is essential to reserve your place. 

Exchange £10

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