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Congratulations on your new arrival!

Congratulations on your new arrival! Welcome to the world of parenting, and everything that it brings.

As you enter this new phase in your life, you may be looking for activities that you can enjoy with your new baby, or something for yourself to support your postnatal wellness and recovery.

At Life Spaces, we know that the early days with a new baby are such a precious time, especially for mum and baby, as mum takes time to adjust to life with a baby and to allow herself time to recover in the post natal period. With that in mind, we've developed a range of gentle, nurturing classes that you can enjoy with your baby, plus some treatments just for you.

With a young family of our own, we know only too well that life can sometimes feel a little overwhleming with a new baby, and so we've designed our classes and courses to provide an oasis of calm for you and baby. 

All of our group classes are small in number, calm in environment and totally baby led. We allow plenty of time for babies to adjust, feed, change and of course cuddle with mum. 

We support breastfeeding and you are welcome to feed your baby at any of our classes or sessions, we even have comfy sofas, plump cushions and free refreshments on hand for your comfort.

For babies who are bottle fed, we have bottle warming and sterilising facilities at all of our sessions.

No nappies or wipes?!  No problem - we've got that covered too, with baby changing stations, and facilites for both cloth nappy and disposable nappy users.

Explore the links below to find out more about or range of classes and services for new mum and baby.

Gift Certificates Available

New babies are inundated with clothes that they soon grow out of. Why not give the gift of a baby massage course, mindful mama course or a new mum and baby package and you'll be giving them a gift to remember.

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New Mum & Baby

Baby Massage Classes


During this 5 week course you will learn to use baby massage with your baby, each week using new techniques to build a full body massage for baby. 

Baby Massage has been shown to: 

  • Create a strong bond between baby and caregiver
  • Support restful sleep
  • Ease symptoms of colic and constipation 
  • Reduce wind
  • Calm and comfort baby
  • Reduce postnatal depression in mums

Join our small group classes where numbers are limited to ensure a welcoming and intimate environment for babies, and build friendships with other new mums. 

The course includes all resources you’ll need for baby massage, printed massage routine cards for you to use at home and Organic baby massage oil. 

Every mum receives a complementary postnatal wellness goody bag, along with discounts on our other services. 

Hot and cold refreshment, along with cake (and fruit platter) are included at the end of each session. 

Courses are 5 consecutive weeks, £45 bookable in advance. 

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Baby Yoga Classes


During this 5 week course, you will enjoy a range of yoga inspired stretches and exercises for both baby and mum - yes that's right, the babies join in too!

Baby Yoga is a wonderful way to bond with your baby whilst you both enjoy some gentle exercise.

Baby Yoga has been shown to:

  • Support the physical development of baby's muscular skeletal system
  • Encourage cognitive development
  • soothe common baby ailments
  • promote baby's core strength development

Over the course of the 5 weekly sessions, we work through a variety of Baby Yoga postures, stretches and gentle exercises that build into a full body yoga routine. We also include gentle yoga inspired stretches for  mum to support your postnatal recovery.

Suitable for babies from 6 weeks to mobile.

Life Spaces Baby Yoga Classes are small and intimate sessions, with limited places, to allow you and baby to enjoy a calming and bonding time together.

All resources are provided for classes, and refeshments, hot drinks and cake or fruit platter is available to enjoy at the end of each session.

5 week course, £45, bookable in advance.

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Mindful Mama Classes


This 5 week Mindful Mama Course supports your journey into new motherhood.

Over the course of the 5 weekly sessions, we cover the following: 

  • Bonding with your new arrival through baby massage 
  • Reflexology for postnatal recovery and wellness
  • Reflexology for common baby ailments
  • Mindfulness techniques to bring about inner balance and calm
  • Caring for your skin naturally through the postnatal period
  • Guided relaxations and breathing techniques 
  • Baby Yoga 

Join our small group classes, held in the nurturing home from home environment of Life Spaces and meet like minded new mums as you journey through the early days.


Suitable for mums with babies up to around 6 months. 

£45 for a 5 week block. Refreshments, resources and a parent pamper pack are included in the course price. 

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Baby Reflexology


Reflexology is a complementary treatment that works on pressure points or ‘reflexes’ on the feet. By applying focussed pressure to the reflexes, we are able to treat the whole body and its systems, restoring balance and promoting well being. 

Reflexology can be used to treat common baby ailments including: 

  • Aiding digestion 
  • Restful Sleep
  • Colic
  • Reflux 

These 1:1 treatment sessions include 30 minutes of treatment for baby, plus resources for you to use at home. Because we know that babies love to sleep, feed and sometimes fuss a little, we allow 60 minutes for your appointment time. £35

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Postnatal Recovery Massage


Your body is amazing! It's just grown a beautiful baby, and that takes time to recover and heal. 

Our postnatal massage supports your body's post birth healing process, helps to stimulate muscle recovery, promotes skin's natural elasticity and tone, and helps you to feel wonderful.

Using Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Essential Oils, specifically blended to support your postnatal needs. 

60 minute treatment, £40.

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Birth Healing


Sometimes, birth doesn't go as we'd wish. If you've had a birth experience that you'd like to move on from, we offer a range of sessions to support moving on from birth trauma

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